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Press Release – Youth Bureau Sponsors 40 to Harlem Fine Arts Show

Youth Bureau Sponsors 40 to Harlem Fine Arts Show

Mount Vernon NY, February 4, 2014 –The Mount Vernon Youth Bureau partnered with JWD Enterprises to offer 40 youth from the Mount Vernon City Schools District an opportunity to see one of the largest and most prestigious collections of works featuring African-American emerging and established artists from around the world. On January 31st the Harlem Fine Arts Show at the Riverside Church in New York City.

Mount Vernon resident Dione Clarke is CEO of JWD Enterprises and a former Mount Vernon Youth Board member who has worked closely with the city’s Youth Bureau to ensure that Mount Vernon’s youth are exposed to distinct artists such as Leroy Campbell, Paul Goodnight, Michael Escoffery, Frank Frazier, Woodrow Nash, Dane Tilghman, Brenda Joysmith, and Glenn Tunstull. Program participants enrolled in various after-school and mentoring programs such as Step Up!, GEMS and Mount Vernon STRONG were able to view art work created by former and current professional athletes of the National Football League.

Mayor Davis stated, “Mount Vernon has a rich history of developing artists. We are thankful to people like Mr. Clarke who encourage our young people to explore the works of national and international artists. I am committed to the Arts and have worked with many partners to ensure that art education for our youth is ongoing.”

“It has been an objective of the Youth Bureau to partner with outside entities who will afford our young people opportunities to view the world through visual and digital art. We are thankful to have residents who come forward with resources to that further assist in our efforts to develop and cultivate the talents of our youth,” stated DaMia Harris.

For further information, please contact Mr. Wayne Woodbury, Community Service Aide at the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau at (914) 665-2344.

Mayor Ernest D. Davis hosts “Lights On After School” Press Conference

Mount Vernon, New York, October 16, 2013 – On Thursday, October 17, 2012 at 3:30pm in front of City Hall, Mayor Ernest D. Davis, the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau and several key after-school providers will host the annual “Lights on After-chool” Press Conference. The City of Mount Vernon will be one of more than 7,500 sites across the nation sending the message that positive youth development programming during unsupervised time is critical to youth success, and that we must keep the lights on and doors open after school. Parents, media, employers, neighbors and school officials have joined the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau for the past 4 years to increase awareness for high quality after-school programs.

The Mount Vernon Youth Bureau has partnered with the Mount Vernon City School District, along with members of the Bureau’s Mount Vernon After-school Alliance to ensure that resources for after-school services are available. Mayor Ernest D. Davis stated, “We are pleased to showcase all the positive programs that the city has to offer to keep our young people safe and off the streets. After-school programs are vital, especially since many parents are at work during the afternoons and early evenings.”

“The Mount Vernon Youth Bureau along with several community based organizations such as the Recreation Department, the Boys and Girls Club, WJCS, Westhab, Newflex Hoops, the Girl Scouts, and others provide a variety of services. “We are happy to support the national campaign to raise awareness regarding the importance of comprehensive youth development programs,” said DaMia Harris, Executive Director of the Youth Brueau.

During the press conference, youth and parents who have benefited from the generous support of state, county and local elected officials will express their appreciation. The Mount Vernon Youth Bureau will also share information about “Lights on After-school” events occurring throughout the city. The Bureau has requested that organizations serving youth during the weekday hours of 3-6pm bring youth, parents and written materials to support the national day.

For further information, please contact the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau at (914) 665-2344 or visit the Youth Bureau at You can also follow the Mount Vernon Youth Bureau on Twitter @MVyouthbureau or